Past October we've got a green light from Warner Music and finally collaborated with our friend Sean Z. He's a very talented local artist who is now breaking big in China.

Check out his music here


"Won't you leave my mind"

Is a Single's music video which was shot to promote Sean's upcoming album "HOW". It was screened on multiple platforms and has been viewed by more than 560,000 people. We've received many comments on how heartwarming the story in our video is and how personal it appeared to many viewers. Thanks to Sean for his song and to Sterling Bancroft (DOP) for his images which in conjunction with music provided that certain atmosphere of loneliness, nostalgia and warmth of our loved ones. And of course thanks to our actors who did an amazing job.

"The Loneliness of Strait"

Couple of months later we've received another request by Warner Music to shoot new Sean's MV. Just few days before his departure to conquer China we've put our "thinking caps" on and together with Sean brainstormed the concept. We wanted to have some depth in our story, a quick production turnaround and low budget accommodation. Our intention was to show a character who is busy, confident, beautiful and always on the go.. BUT what we actually say is how she wants to slow things down. Her confidence and beauty are questioned by her constant concern about her look (make-up, lipstick, dress, hair). Departure and destination are like war zones to her and while she has those few spare minutes of travel.. she chooses to be one-on-one with Sean's music which makes her rainy day bit more colourful.